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Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer color

Sebastian Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer 52ml/1.7oz

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5.0 Stars | 5 Review(s)

A raw sculpting clay.
Helps alter hair texture.
Gives superior definition & elastic hold.
Develops a dry, matte appearance

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Category Hair Care
Brand Sebastian
Product Line Hair Care
Size 52ml/1.7oz
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  • Karl07/11/2017

    EXCELLENT product! This is great for holding up hair if you want to spike some places, curl off the side and do a messed up look with solid clumping effect, without the crunchy, shiny, or oiliness. It definitely provides a strong hold and it can add volume to your hair. I love this product and I HIGHLY recommend it.

  • Jeff24/11/2017

    I like the clay because it isn't greasy. It feels dry and doesn't take much to get the job done. It holds better than most gels and doesn't leave a hard crispy look. It is more of a natural look and you don't need to use too much at all

  • SteveMigz06/07/2018

    I truly like this hair paste. It gives my hair a fine matte finish and it doesn’t have that greasy, extreme shine that I get from hair gel. It’s easy to apply, has a good hold. It’s really great for my short hair.

  • Vinxberryguy11/08/2018

    I am a guy who likes a bit of style in his locks and after a couple of years using different sculpting clay, I needed a change. I've been searching for one that provides good hold without being crunchy and shiny like hair gel or spray and this is what I've found. I like this as it adds body, thickness and control, and of course, STYLE. It is high in quality and it provides firm hold without shine or greasy feel. I will definitely be purchasing again.

  • Aldub200122/09/2017

    I find that this product does help reduce frizz very well and leave a relatively soft hold. It starts off oily, then becomes less molding the hair to whatever style you want. It keeps my hair soft all day and easy to mold back into place if needed throughout the day no matter the conditions. This is my new favorite styling product.

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